lunedì 7 dicembre 2015

Hot italian way

Dear friends and listeners....Accordi Disaccordi is a very active Italian project both on the national and international scenes.
The band, a trio formed in 2012, is composed by the two founders Alessandro Di Virgilio and Dario Berlucchi on guitars and Elia Lasorsa on doublebass. They’re based on a gipsy jazz repertoire, presenting typical national and international classics from the best 1930s’ music in a modern vein.
Following the same gipsy style, they write their own numbers and rearrangements of modern songs, even pop and not strictly jazz, according to a personal interpretation that they themselves like to call "hot Italian swing", taking constant inspiration from the style of the popular guitarist Django Reinhardt.
They have released two albums, "Bouncing Vibes" in 2013 and "Swing Avenue" in 2015, both produced and distributed by the band itself. These two works represent the best of their repertoire and their new productions. The first album is entirely played as a trio, while the second one also includes the presence, in some songs, of a cello, a saxophone (played by Emanuele Cisi) and a clarinet (played by Giacomo Smith). Enjoy this "Swing avenue" HERE

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