giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

Soundz for travellers

Dear friends and listeners....the theme of a voyage is the conceptual thread that brings together The Incognito Traveller's explorations. Every human being will see other people travelling and never know their reason for being, moving, travelling - each human will never know anything about all other travellers. All other travellers are, and will forever remain, anonymous, to the masses. Everyone is the viewer and, at once, anonymous. Everyone has an identity, everyone remains unidentified. A traveller lost among travellers, an incognito traveller. Enrico Gianfranchi creates The Incognito Traveller in 2003 after a few years producing hip-hop beats for rap artists from the Vancouver underground. After playing DJ sets that varied over time from hip-hop to afrobeat to hard jazz, in clubs in Canada, summer beach lounges in Italy, The Incognito Traveller remixes The Dining Rooms’ Forever’s Not and the song is included on the album Versioni Particolari 2 (Schema Records, 2006), alongside remixes by Boozoo Bajou, Parov Stelar, and Fedreghini&Bianchi. After more sets around Italy and Mexico, The Incognito Traveller releases a first EP, offered to the world as a free download in 2007 (Discos Konfort-NoCopyProtection Netlabel), the EP received stellar reviews and a hefty amount of downloads, which prompted the release of a second EP, Traffic/Mediterranean Moonrise (Indiealliance). By 2010 the project had garnered sufficient interest and Discos Konfort commissioned the creation of a full album proper. César Juárez-Joyner, a recognized contemporary music composer and producer from Mexico, with a particular interest in cultural peculiarities and the exchanges between Old and New World over history joined the project. Ravine (2010) allowed for a much more thorough study of an idea; in this case, the deep recesses of the mind where dreams and reality are one and a definition of self can be discovered. Now a duo, The Incognito Traveller’s music immediately obtained greater conceptual spectrum and musical maturity. After a few years of much travelling, The Incognito Traveller went back into the studio with fresh ideas and a concept to be explored: how humanity changes internally, physically, spatially, and how those aspects affect each other. The resulting work, Movements of Migration, proposes a view of humans in their spiritual, urban, and rural facets, with no distinctions.    HERE, enjoy, zero

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