lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Nu Jazz all'italiana

Dear friends and listeners....Gerardo Frisina has established himself throughout the years as one of the italian finest interpreters of the Latin-influenced Jazz club sound. Four years after the release of "Join the Dance", he returns on Schema with a brand new album, "Movement".
Here are 12 pieces describing another amazing journey through Gerardo's rich and exotic influences: these are the adventures of a European Jazz man immersed in Afro-Cuban inspirations. Gerardo's love for Cuban music is wellknown.Jazz had been influenced by Cuban music since its early days and Gerardo's blend of this tradition has become a wellknow trademark.
Movement though, contains a new musical perspective - a more Afro-Funk approach that we can feel on tracks like The Talisman or Mystic Latin, with hot drum breaks that will set fire to the dance floor. This could be how would Manu Dibango or Fela Kuti sound in 2014!
Here we go, dear friends, ready? HERE you can find the right movement ....enjoy, zero

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