giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Ciofeca garantita

Dear Friends and listeners.....another gem for ours "Ciofeca contest".....I think that the Centurion and his crew really appreciate this heavy knock out a brief description: Seven Minutes Of Nausea (or 7MON short) is one of the more known noise-core bands. 7MON is a band based around Mick Hollows from Australia. The band later moved to Germany and to the United Kingdom. Now Mick is located in Koblenz, Germany (since 2005). 7MON’s music consists of ultra-short (rarely longer than two seconds) noise-core explosions. Rumbling noises contrast with Hollows’ shouted vocals. The band is often given the description “BLUR core”, with the most of the records containing hundreds of songs.....HERE  zero
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